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The sustainable fashion & cosmetics guide for 2021

The sustainable fashion & cosmetics guide for 2021


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Do we sometimes wonder when looking at our wardrobe? Agree in a quick and cheap fashion ignoring the environment, humans, and the planet? We think we're all of the same opinions, but what if we plan to buy sustainable fashion and make our wardrobe respectful of people and the environment? The fashion industry generates around 10% more CO2 than the aviation sector in the world.

Yet carbon emissions are not the industry's only environmental threat. Etikway is a sustainable fashion guide and online store for a new lifestyle. In the Etikway sustainable fashion guide, we'll highlight why an individual transition to sustainable fashion should happen now. It can be frustrating not knowing where to start to make our clothes more durable because there are many nuances. So, we need to be more aware of what we are buying. But what fashion alternatives are there to buy, if we want to start making what we wear more conscious, ethical, and sustainable? Ethical & sustainable fashion also focuses on preventing ecological disasters linked to waste, pollution and overconsumption.

And also, on potential buying habits that can leave us helpless or uncertain about the question "where to start" says a fashion expert in sustainable development like Emma Watson. At Etikway, we want you to make more sustainable decisions effortlessly and build your wardrobe by the finest sustainable fashion guide while taking small steps. Let's dive into the guide to sustainable fashion.

"Shop for clothes in a minimalist style".

It's not the funniest we like to hear. But for much of the dress we wear, it's a priority to buy less and better. After a few uses, if we don't like our clothes, we have to donate them to associations or resell them on second-hand platforms. Sustainable fashion brands may not seem to fit our budget with their seemingly more expensive prices, but let's be careful: fast fashion is bound to crumble, while sustainable fashion lasts! We can invest in high-end, trendy parts that will last for years to come by reducing our total consumption, waste, and impulses.

Let's buy clothes on purpose. By simply considering all purchases carefully, we not only end up with clothes that truly represent our desires and values but end up with fewer products which often means less waste. Almost everything that we wear, stays in fashion for years and makes us feel comfortable when we wear it. With Etikway, let's buy sustainable fashion and cosmetics responsibly. With Etikway, we will get to know the products and their origin better. With Etikway, we know and share the true values. So that when we buy, we don't compromise. Yes, finding companies that we would like to buy from can seem daunting. But it's easier with Etikway, which carries out this work conscientiously and guarantees us maximum transparency. Real transactions warrant research: do we think we should buy a car just because it looks good? No, of course: we would like to know about reliability, security ...! The designers of sustainable fashion and cosmetics at Etikway do it for us.

We believe in healthy, classic, comfortable, resistant, breathable, and stylish. We choose the creators of cosmetics and fashion pieces who appeal to our values, our elegance, and the personality we want to project into the world. The most amazing things we wear are the things we wear proudly, and they make us feel better. Let's try to implement our new sustainable and ethical lifestyle. Let's be careful not to let our brains get turned around by the Green Washing of some “big brands”.

With Etikway we find the best designers of fashion brands and natural and sustainable cosmetics. Etikway is the most renowned online store for ethical and sustainable natural and fashion cosmetics that believe in the need to make people and the planet environmentally friendly. We are committed to providing the best ethical and sustainable fashion to our customers and to our planet. At Etikway, the shopping experience is different and rich for slow fashion and natural and sustainable cosmetics. We make the planet a sustainable place to live by presenting the best ethical & sustainable designer brands.

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