Winter Skin Care 2020: The Best All Natural & Organic Beauty Products for Winter

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With the colder months setting in, it’s important to modify your winter skincare routine accordingly. During this season, the harsher climate means your skin can be more prone to dryness and irritation. The first and most important step to alleviate this is to avoid unethically produced products that contain commercial chemicals. Always go for natural & organic beauty products that not only help the planet, but will definitely make your skin look its best!

What to avoid when selecting beauty products?

Items that contain any of the below nasties will not be doing your skin any favour. According to The New York Times chemicals commonly found in beauty products break down the skin's natural barrier called the acid mantle which leads to dry irritated skin in the long run. You want to ensure you pick items that are FREE of: 


Thiazolinones (Methylisothiazolinone, isothiazolinone, etc.) 

Sulfates (SLS, SLES, ALS) 



Synthetic fragrances 



Whats the secret to bringing out your best winter skin?

Say goodbye to winter skin dryness, itch and rash by getting back to nature with ethical and sustainable beauty products. These products will restore the balance needed for your skin to glow and be more hydrated! Thanks to Mother Nature for gifting us with so many skin moisturizing and softening ingredients. Look for ingredients such as; shea butter, hyaluronic acid, rose-hip, jojoba oil and vitamin E.

Keep your skin well moisturized and healthy; here are the best all natural and organic natural beauty products for winter skin dryness, itch and rash:

Crème Mains Onctuosité Végétale - Protectrice & Nourrissante

Say hello to super soft hands with the synergy of natural ingredients that will ensure your hands are soft and moisturized all winter long. This crème combines ultra-moisturizing shea butter and vegetable oils with calming lavender and sweet orange to nourish, calm and hydrate. This essential for your hands is made in Provence and Peta certified Vegan. 

Available here:

Lait Corps Subtilité Botanique - Hydratant & Adoucissant

This hydrating body milk is made with love in Provence and blended with natural botanicals that hold anti-ageing properties. Ethically produced, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Lavender and Sweet Orange essential oils are combined to hydrate and smooth during the dry months of winter. Plus the oils have a calming aromatherapy effect on the senses. Apply this daily after your shower and give your skin the love it deserves. 

Available here: 

Crème fouettée visage et corps

This versatile creme can be used on both the Face and Body to bring radiance, hydration and softness to the texture of your skin. Whipped to perfection finding the balance between nature and innovation the texture of this creme is simply irresistible melting into the skin. This multipurpose creme fights against wrinkles, restoring the skin back to softness, regulates sebum controlling shine, repairs chapped hands, protects against external elements and prevents eczema. 

Available here:


For those looking for powerful regenerative ingredients in a face creme this is the product for you. Composed of organic beeswax, sesame, grape seed and cottonseed oils, and donkey milk which all work in harmony to restructure the epidermis nourishing and removing any fine lines. Enjoy the sent of white flowers when you use this creme morning and evening! 

Available here:

Elixir Botanique n° 3 Jouvence

The miracle elixir is made to combat signs of ageing through rehydration. This highly hydrating solution is perfect for any skin type during the months of winter to prevent the depletion of moisture. Hyaluronic acid is a key ingredient in this serum that plays of vital role in restoring hydration in the skin. Active natural ingredients including Sea buckthorn, evening primrose, borage, argan, rosehip, immortelle, frankincense, Damascus rose work to bring your dull winter complexion back to life. 

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Pura Terra organic purifying exfoliating face mask

This ethically produced exfoliating mask gently removes impurities to refresh dull skin giving a sense of newness once eliminated. Your skin will be able to better absorb other cremes following the use of this mark. Using this mask on a weekly basis will renew cells and slow down skin ageing long term. Active ingredients include are: Oats, iris, centella asiatica, mimosa, sweet orange, horsetail, burdock Clay: Rhassal. 

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