Etikway - Making Fashion and Beauty More Sustainable.

Etikway - Making Fashion and Beauty More Sustainable.

Fashion And Beauty Can Be Incredibly Detrimental To The Environment- Here's How Slow Fashion Can Make Such An Impact On The Future Of The Globe.


The world is exponentially changing.

The globe has been through the most significant crisis over the last 20 months where mother nature was on course to healing herself due to the reduced movement around the world.

While we think fashion and beauty are elements of wonder, do we realize its detrimental effect on the globe as a whole entity?

When we think deeply about the different elements of how fashion and cosmetics create, develop and market their products, we often don't consider the detrimental aspects to the planet, such as:

  • Increased pollution for meeting high demands
  • The use of core materials to excess
  • The effect that fashion and cosmetics have on climate change
  • Increased pressure mass production sites place on air, water, and atmospheric pollution The use of non-ethical sources to produce goods in high volume

We could go on!

We need to change the face of sustainability in fashion as cosmetics to enable the industry to be wholly sustainable while not relying on the mass-production processes and the sources that may be detrimental to the planet's ecosystem.


What Is Etikway?

Etikway is a website that is committed to the sustainable development of slow fashion, as opposed to the ways of fast fashion. We want to be the beacon of empowerment, showing our clients that they can live their best possible life while making conscious and deliberate moves towards a more sustainable lifestyle, specifically in the fashion and cosmetics domain.

Etikway founder Lucie Gomes created the platform and designed it to be the only, and best online marketplace people will head to for sustainable fashion and cosmetic products. The Etikway marketplace makes the perfect shopping experience for slow fashion & ethical products, such as natural cosmetics, much easier to find and purchase and makes the products and the platform valid and more accessible to every consumer around the world. 


How Is Etikway Different As A Fashion & Cosmetics Marketplace?

Etikway is the changemaker of sustainable and ethical fashion and cosmetics. 

It puts so much love and consideration into the brands they choose to have in their marketplace. They make a commitment to collate all of the best sustainable designer brands in one place while adhering to an ethical & ecological charter to make sure that every move is completed correctly in the production of the consumables. This is to protect every human right, as well as protect the delicate feature of the planet.

Etikway is not only designed to be the go-to place to shop for everything sustainable and ethical; however, it is also intended to create a community for all of those local and independent artisan producers and independent makers of slow fashion & ethical and natural cosmetics. 


How Does Etikway Make The Important Changes?

Eitkway is fully committed to supporting those retailers that entirely base their fashion products and cosmetic makes in the niches of sustainability and ethical production.

In general terms, ethical and sustainable products and retailers tend to be marketed on a smaller scale. This may often make those particular retailers challenging to find amongst all of the fastfashion chains and enterprises.

The Etikway marketplace platform gives these retailers pride of place for consumers to locate and purchase and use with ease. That doesn't involve trawling around a high street or shopping mall looking for something that may well not have attainability to be present there.

The go-to platform allows all those retailers that participate and lend their products to the Etikway website to be found, utilized, and championed as part of the Etikway mission to protect biodiversity and nature.

What Does Etikway Champion For Nature?

The Etikway platform operates as a marketplace for those retailers who have matched and exceeded the required standard to be classified as supportive to the environment, including in areas such as:

The term "slow fashion" is a term that opposes the need for products to be sourced and supplied just because of the high demand placed upon them in society. It is a way that almost rejects the conventional way that products end up on our backs and in our wardrobes.

In reality, the term "slow fashion" works as advocacy in line with all those producers of fashion and cosmetics that are ethically reliable and have taken a strong position against many of the fashion production practices that are unsustainable and unethical, as unfortunately, they do still exist!

These elements include:

  • Environmental Protection- This includes making sure that all of the Etikway retailers are working towards protecting the environment in the sourcing and production of their products in areas including.
      • The preservation of freshwater resources
      • Actively Minimizing the waste output of their enterprise.
      • Supporting the conservation of land.
  • The prevention of animal mistreatment- The world has come a long way in regards to the cruelty of animals in regards to the sourcing and production of fashion and cosmetics, as the platform champions those who make this element a priority in their business.
  • Maintaining Sourcing For The Future- While the world is consumer-led in terms of supply and demand, the Etikway marketplace platform paves the way for a more sustainable future in the path of our legacies, and that means making the products as sustainable, renewable and with the most longevity as possible.
  • Small Business Support- As we mentioned, a majority of those businesses are small but fully functioning as sustainable businesses, which can be incredibly helpful during those times when external influences may knock them out of the consumer race (insert information about the global pandemic here).

The marketplace keeps these small businesses going when they might have otherwise met their demise.

  • Product Longevity- The Etikway platform also heavily supports the longevity of products, meaning you will be able to use them for longer, which will inadvertently have a positive impact on the future of the environment and reduce mass consumerism that may not be conducive to the environment.
  • Keep A Lawful Workforce- Those businesses that are concerned with the status of a workforce will also be involved with not contributing to the illegal workforce movement, which is usually instilled in those parts of the industry that deal in mass-consumerism and high turnover of stock, rather than quality products that are rigorously ethically sourced and produced on a much smaller level.

What Physical Elements Can Etikway Contribute To?

Apart from the things mentioned here already, the Etikway’s code of practice outlines some elements of business that they stand by every day, and also measure their chosen retailers participation against that can benefit the environment and the planet we live on as a whole, such as :

  • Reducing Water Pollution
  • Positively Impacting Climate Change
  • Zero waste production
  • The use of organic materials
  • Instilling a circular economy
  • Promoting upcycling
  • Adhering to vegan standards
  • Maintaining being cruelty-free
  • Reducing air pollution Maintaining biodiversity.

These are all super essential elements when you think about the impact mass consumerism has on the environment, and Etikway rigorously adheres to every standard relatable to these areas.


Etikway is a marketplace platform that allows those retailers that deal with sustainable and ethical sourcing and production of their business assets.

The platform allows small businesses to come to the forefront of ethical and sustainable fashion and cosmetics and be seen as a go-to platform instead of being lost in the void of mass consumerism and having their businesses fail because of the lack of visibility and community support.

The Etikway platform champions slow fashion that genuinely supports the mission statement and goals of the whole community, which include key points such as addressing and rejecting any form of animal cruelty, using sustainable products from source, maintaining ethical production, and keeping the safety of the environment in the forefront of everything they do.

Finding genuinely ethical and sustainable enterprises can be hard to come by when you scratch below the surface. The Etikway is a platform that can provoke assurance in the way of rigorous vetting that your products are the most sustainable and planet-friendly they can be.

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