How can we slow down global warming and dress stylishly?

How can we slow down global warming and dress stylishly?

Looking posh, turning heads, making a big splash when you finally decide to put on your dancing shoes is all part of that great experience we call life. Ruffling your feathers and painting the town red, not only with your smile and your inherent charm but that little piece you bought that fits just right — like it was genetically made just for your body. Nonetheless, it’s not only about dressing to the nines but about taking care of our surroundings. Helping out mother nature, and fostering a positive change in the fashion industry. A change that promotes greater ecological integrity and social justice. So, how

can you slow down global warming and still dress-to-kill? Let’s give you a walk down the runway of sustainable fashion and beauty products.

Eco-fashion and sustainable fashion and beauty products.

Sustainable fashion isn’t just about using eco-friendly duds, it’s a movement and process that takes into account the whole system of how your clothes are produced. That shirt's life-span, that pair of cute red-pumps biography. Who produces it, how long of an actual lifespan it has, even what happens to it once it reaches the landfill.

Sustainable fashion and beauty products are a rather new trend and one that’s still very much in its infancy. Its inception point can be traced to the origins of the modern environmental movement and the publication of the book Silent Spring by American biologist Rachel Carson.

It still needs to get some of its ducks in order and deal with issues and concerns that seem to pop out of the woodwork. But its main goal is to create a system thinking in fashion that considers temporal fads, the perspective of the industry’s stakeholder, and the benefits of product-level improvements — like replacing one fiber type for another that’s less environmentally harmful.

How can you reduce your environmental footprint and still look great?

Nevertheless, at the end of the day, sustainable fashion and beauty are ultimately the responsibility of the public. You and me. What we do, what we demand, what we promote, and disseminate is essential to the way the industry comports itself. Remember, at its core, we live in a marketplace that is galvanized by “demand and supply.” So, how can you help?

Buy less?

Yes, it sounds a bit odd that a clothing company is telling you to buy less, but the reality is that the most eco-friendly pair of jeans that you have are those that are already in your closet. The root problem is our excessive consumerism.

Buy clothes from sustainable brands

That’s where Etikway comes in. Right now there’s a limited option of sustainable brands in the market. Not only that but it’s still a bit cheaper to refill your wardrobe with clothes from your shopping mall — brands whose very makeup makes them huge contributors to mother nature’s woes. Etikway bases its mission on sustainable fashion and beauty, with ethical natural cosmetics, eco-friendly brands, and a slow fashion mindset. Great clothes, great prices, and, best of all, great peace of mind.

Buy better quality

Stitches, pull test, better zipper, tighter buttons, longer-lasting clothes — that’s the linchpin of sustainable fashion, Clothes that are meant to take a beating and still look great. Cheap clothes equal poor quality clothes. Clothes that lose their shape, their appeal, that a month in are in need of repairs, that a couple of washes afterwards already demand to be replaced. Sustainable fashion and beauty are partly about making your treads last longer, feel fresher and newer for years after you purchased them.

Etikway’s commitment to sustainable fashion and beauty

The gap is slowly closing and we as a society are becoming more self-aware of our environmental impact. We are considering the effects of overconsumption on the planet and, in parallel, the fashion industry is highlighting in their agenda the need to develop more eco-friendly practices — improving their resources and their existing operations.

Etikway’s goal is to promote these brands and empower clients to live the best possible existence while moving towards a more sustainable life. That’s our commitment — give you access to independent artisans, niche slow fashion makers, and ethical natural cosmetics.


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