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R3EADY TO PLAY Long Denim Jumpsuit

R3EADY TO PLAY Long Denim Jumpsuit

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Jumpsuits are the perfect basics for any wardrobe. Timeless, it can be used repeatedly and passed between siblings, cousins ​​or friends.

Genderless design, with a tapered silhouette, cut from a single rectangular fabric and made to order, generating very little waste.

Designed to last longer, it features an elasticated back for a comfortable fit, a longer leg with ankle elastic that allows your child to wear it for longer.

Long model with zip closure, short sleeves, one chest pocket, two front pockets and two back pockets.

With internal reinforcement in the knee area to prevent rapid wear caused by playing on the ground.

Wear with a long-sleeved t-shirt as an extra layer on colder days.

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